After years of riding and servicing his own bikes, Mike Jenness decided to leave the world of high-end residential construction and pursue his dream. 

A dream that was born many years ago…

One day, at a café next to a small bike shop, after a long ride, Mike watched other cyclists take their bikes into the shop for repair and get a cup coffee while they waited. Mike noticed the cyclists were much happier after their coffee when they got their bikes back - he saw an opportunity. The dream of making bicycle riders happy, by keeping their bicycles’ happy with exceptional customer service was born. For Shots & Sprockets owners, Mike and Lisa Jenness, the obvious/better way to enrich their customers’ experience was to travel to wherever the service or repair needed to be done, with a cup of warm aloha for their riders - freshly roasted, freshly brewed Hawaiian coffee.

Serving Seattle, Washington - with more areas coming soon!

Shots & Sprockets is a full-service mobile bicycle repair shop and importer of fine Hawaiian coffee located in Seattle, WA.