The Double Shot Tune

For our full-on Double Shot, we do everything we do for the Safety Dance and Seattle Scrubdown, before going deeper into the bike. Wheels come off and spokes are re-tensioned. The rim are brought into radial and lateral trueness, and the hubs are adjusted. Brake pads are resurfaced or replaced, and brake cables are lubricated, or hydraulic pistons are cleaned and reset. We’ll ensure brakes work flawlessly, don’t rub and are quiet. Derailleurs are lubed and adjusted, and we will check alignment of the vulnerable derailleur hanger. We’ll get the shifting dialed. Headset and bottom bracket are adjusted, all fasteners torqued and finally we’ll do a test ride. It’s no wonder this is our most popular service.

Includes up to $25 of parts
  • Safety Check and Seattle Scrubdown
  • Frame and Fork Inspection 
  • Adjust brakes       
  • Adjust derailleurs
  • Adjust headset bearings
  • Adjust hub bearings
  • Inspect Bottom Bracket
  • Torque bolts to specifications
  • Test Ride  

Misc. shop supplies up to 5% of the total bill.



No diagnostic charge if work is performed.



All used parts are returned at the completion of service unless disposal of parts is requested.



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